danger danger2Hair metal heroes Danger Danger have announced the release date for this year’s hotly anticipated album for Frontiers Records and revealed a full tour will follow.

Revolve will hit the UK on September 21 and coincides with the 20th anniversary of the band’s self-titled hit record. With original singer Ted Poley back in the fold and a raft of cracking new material to play with, founder member Bruno Ravel inisted: “We know this record was long overdue. We just hope our fans think it’s worth the wait.”

Bass player Ravel shoulders the bulk of the blame for the delay in one of the most eagerly awaited records of 2009 after he took time out with his family following the birth of his first child. But he added: “It feels natural to have Ted back in the band. It has been like when we recorded our first album so it was just a matter of getting to work and getting the best performances out of him and of all the other guys in the band.

“In retrospect I can say we managed to reach our goals, as I feel that Revolve is the best collection of songs we’ve ever assembled! There are no ‘filler’ tracks. The sound is updated, yet still retro, and very ‘Danger Danger’. Anytime you hear Ted sing, you immediately think… ‘Hey, that’s Danger Danger!’ and I think he has never sounded this good on any of our records!”

Poley released one of the records of the year via Frontiers in 2008 and urged his band mates to go with the Italian melodic rock specialists on Revolve. And thankfully the label’s bosses stuck with Danger Danger, recent stars of rushonrock’s The Vinyl Countdown, despite a series of frustrating delays.

“We know this record was long overdue and we are aware that our label received a lot of letters asking asking ‘where is the new Danger Danger CD? Why is it taking so long?'” added Ravel. “I did become a father for the first time some 15 months ago and it was a major life change and a huge adjustment for me to concentrate on this album and tend to my family’s needs at the same time.

“I know that’s no excuse because we should have had the record finished before then but that was my end of the hold up. I only hope that after listening to the new album, you’ll all feel it was worth the wait and we’re all set up to come and rock you wherever you may be !”

The full track listing for Revolve is as follows: That’s What I’m Talking About, Ghost of Love, Killin’ Love, Hearts On The Highway, Fugitive, Keep On Keepin’ On, Rocket To Your Heart, F.U.$., Beautiful Regret, Never Give Up, Dirty Mind.