rock-o-the-northIt’s quite amazing the kind of folk who chance upon this fledgling music site without, on the face of, meaning to. And let’s face it, who would really mean to…

Of course there are the regulars – the rock fans, the metal heads, my wife, people who wonder what on earth I’m on and people who can’t wait for me to sign off. But thanks to the revealing tool that is Search Engine Terms it’s possible to identify exactly how rushonrock reels in its army (or should that be small crowd) of readers from every walk of life imaginable.

And we don’t care how we get ‘em. Just as long as they keep coming in their droves.

Just this month the public has been pointed in this direction by typing in any number of weird and wonderful queries and it’s about time that information was shared. Without naming any names there really are people out there keen to find out everything there is to know about rock-inspired perms (that could be Self Made Man), Ozzy Osbourne’s missus (or, more specifically, her kisses) and when it’s possible to skate at Whitley Bay Ice Rink (we’re thinking of posting a permanent link with opening times sometime soon…).

Just why the world’s various search engines think rushonrock has any idea whatosoever about the majority of these subjects is anyone’s guess. If you have landed here by accident here’s a quick reminder – this is a rock and metal site. The clue is in the title but apologies to fans of a rather famous Candadian prog three piece. We love Rush but this is no tribute site to them or the lovely Jennifer.

Thankfully the majority of our target audience is getting through. The most popular searches ending up right here have been ‘Metallica Newcastle Review’, ‘rushonrock’ and ‘Crucified Barbara’. It appears there isn’t too much CB action on the worldwide web right now so most people end up here when wanting to know more about Mia and her mates – hey, we’re glad to be doing the girls from Stockholm a service. 

Then again we’re failing miserably when it comes to providing information about Biff Byford in Boston (is he in the US city now, has he quit Saxon to join the band of the same name, or is this to do with a small town in Lincolnshire), the Stone Roses (come on!) or Motley Crue in Scandinavia. The fact is we just don’t know everything all of the time.

But we try.

Anyway here’s our top 10 of Search Engine Terms from March and, rest assured, we’ll be revisiting this topic very soon (that doesn’t mean you can just type in something stupid just for the sake of it Plus One):

1. Weekend Times For Whitley Bay Ice Rink
2. David Coverdale Plastic Surgery
3. Biff Boy
4. Sharon Osbourne Kiss
5. Jack Charlton Metro Radio
6. Rock And Roll Curly Hair Styles
7. Mojofury
8. Dirty Queen
9. Women’s Big 80s Metal Hair
10. Girl from Million Dead