46: Lita Ford – Kiss Me Deadly (Smiley) b/w Broken Dreams (Ford/Ezrin) 1988

This particular seven incher boasted obvious appeal to spotty teenage youths who, for the most part, preferred to spend their pocket money on men with big hair who just looked like women. This was, as they say, a real woman. In every sense. Even better, she was a woman who rocked!

Yes, beneath a cover which oozed sex appeal, lay a hair metal anthem which still stands the test of time to this day. Bold, brash and brazen it pushed all the right buttons at a time when rock was making a huge impression on young boys and MTV tastemakers alike.

Having successfully made the transition from punk-hewn Runaway to metal-tinged ice maiden, London-bron Ms Ford teamed up with uber-manager Sharon Osbourne in the late 80s and it was a marriage made in rock heaven. The album Lita, featuring this little gem of a single, broke into the US top 30 and the record went platinum Stateside.  

Perhaps her best-known and best-loved solo song to date, Kiss Me Deadly stormed all the way to number 12 in the US Hot 100. And while it peaked at a rather poor 75 over here that was more due to prudish record store bosses happier to push a fully clothed Kylie than a scantily clad Lita (well it can’t have been anything to do with the quality of a totally rockin’ tune).

Back with a new album this year and due to embark upon a 75-date tour this could be the year Ford fights back. We can’t wait!