wednesday-tallrushonrock fave and shock rocker extraordinaire Wednesday 13 has revealed that quitting the major label gravy train and management safety net was the best decision he ever made.

The US star opted to go it alone prior to the release of 2007’s acclaimed Skeletons record and two years down the line he’s never turning back.

“I have a licence deal with my records now and in the US I released that last one myself. It turned out to be the best thing I ever did. I get my music out to more people and I make more money doing it that way. There’s no label coming in and taking any rights away from me. I got fucked a couple of times by management but you learn your lessons.”

Gearing up for a tour with side project Bourbon Crow the super-cool singer songwriter has already admitted he’ll take some much-needed time off this summer. But a reunion with his fellow Murderdolls buddies is still very much on the cards.

“Yeah I’m even looking at doing something new with Murderdolls,” he added. “I’m open to that. But I’m not going to stop doing music, ever. When I get home I start to get the jitters and you can rest assured I won’t be gone for long despite my little summer break.”