testament-chuckThey’re one of the best live bands we’ve seen all year and now it looks like we’ll be seeing them again as Bay Area Thrash legends Testament prepare for a swift return to Tyneside.

After stealing the show from headliners Megadeth at Newcastle’s o2 Academy – during a short break from the Priest Feast – the ever excitable Chuck Billy and his band mates promised to return to our region sooner, rather than later.

And while so many acts make that hollow promise, the US heavyweights have delivered on the pledge by inking in a July 22 date in the intimate Academy II.

Often overlooked at a time when Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer and the like were blazing a trail for old skool thrash, Testament were always the thinking man’s metal band. And they have proved their credentials throughout 2009 with shows accross Europe winning critical acclaim.

Billy might be as big as his voice these days but that didn’t stop him tearing through a vintage set in Newcastle and we can’t wait to welcome him back. In the meantime if you don’t own the band’s latest and greatest effort, Formation Of Damnation, then you haven’t really lived…