Now there’s nothing like a loyal rock fan.

We buy the album (and the next one and the next one), we buy tickets for the live shows and, yes, we even buy the T-shirt.

This week I bought two classic Metallica albums on vinyl for just short of forty quid because I love the band and they respect their fans.

And that’s what loyalty is about isn’t it? The give and take, the highs and lows.

But through it all there’s a certain bond that we have with the bands which provide the soundtrack to our lives.

And that’s why I’m still coming to terms with one of the most shameless pieces of marketing – even by music industry standards – I’ve ever witnessed.

Those of you who skimmed rushonrock’s Friday @ Leeds review will have noticed the reference to an advertising gimmick guaranteed to stick in the throats of every good rock fan.

Yes I’m talking about the little plane trailing a big banner – urging festival fans to fork out for Slipknot’s December tour tix.

Nothing wrong with that I suppose. I’ve seen it before. But never, ever on the same day that the aforementioned ‘Knot were due to play a set cancelled at 48 hours’ notice.

Picture the scene. Avenged Sevenfold have just been forced to cut a potentially blinding set by half due to flu flooring half the band.

The dreadful Dropkick Murphys are next up and of course there’s no Slipknot cos Joey’s bust his ankle.

So what is the last thing we want to see high in the Yorkshire sky? That bloody banner.

Now I’ll give the band the benefit of the doubt and assume they knew absolutely nothing about the massively insulting message writ large in our faces.

And I’d like to think the rock fan’s favourite label – Roadrunner – were not behind this brazen attempt at bleeding credit crunched music fans dry.

But somebody is responsible for rubbing the noses of loyal metallers in the fact that one of their favourite bands was missing from one of UK rock’s biggest days.

And somebody thought it would be a great idea to capitalise on a crowd craving Corey and the boys by plugging an arena tour months down the line.

Frankly it stinks. It shits on loyalty and shames the music I love.

When you see something like that you really believe All Hope Is Gone. By the way, who said that?