backyard-extraStarting with Deathstars at the Academy tonight the live action is pretty frenzied in the North East this week with In This Moment starring on the Give It A Name bill, bass rockers My Passion checking into The Cooperage, heavy metal stars Evile cranking up the volume back at the Academy and then at the same venue Supersuckers and Nashville Pussy rock your Saturday night. Phew!

We’ll be bringing you the first reviews on In This Moment and Nashville Pussy plus yet another interview exclusive – this time with our good buddies from Sweden, Backyard Babies (pictured). 

And if that’s not quite enough there’ll be more breaking news and mould breaking views, yet another classic cut from The Vinyl Countdown and blogs from Rock O’ The North and Self Made Man.

We’ll be building up to World Iron Maiden Day a week tomorrow and the one day only release of their new movie Flight 666. If rock and metal floats your boat then keep it here and keep it real.