NWOBHM stars Praying Mantis begin their own celebartion of the genre’s 30th anniversary with what promises to be their best record since the band’s commercial peak.

rushonrock faves Frontiers Records will release Sanctuary this summer after the Italian-based label signed up one of the more melodic metal acts to emerge from the UK’s burgeoning early 80s rock scene.

And founding members Chris and Tino Troy appear to be back their best after joining forces with vocalist Chris Freeland – following a number of live dates in 2008 – to pen Mantis’ first record in six years.

“It’s hard to believe but Mantis have been in existence for over 30 years now,” said Chris Troy. “It’s quite incredible really that we are still there releasing albums and maturing nicely!

“This also coincides with the 30th anniversary of NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal). Iron Maiden have obviously made  it and just as importantly have managed to stay up  there for this long time. Well done lads!

“By the way, the album title Sanctuary has no link to them!! However we do share some history and maybe this album will put us up there with them.

“I know its probably a cliché statement used by so many bands but  I do honestly believe it is by far the best thing we have ever done.

“The lyrics on most songs are quite deep and in some ways dark  but I think these suit the music which is intrinsically based on minor chord structures (the saddest chords !).

“There are some real epics and duelling guitar harmonies in the standard Mantis style and all the fans who have heard it so far have been giving us some great feedback.”

The final tracklisting of Sanctuary is: In Time, Restless Heart, Tears In The Rain, So High, Lonely Way Home, Touch The Rainbow, Threshold of a Dream, Playing God, Highway, Sanctuary.

The album will be exclusively presented at the Bush Hall in London, UK on May 3rd 2009 with a special pre-listening session and ‘Welcome Back’ concert.