So Sonisphere is gearing up for an Iron Maiden-inspired finale and we’d be expecting fireworks – if Rammstein hadn’t already used them up last night.

Our man Adam S is back with his round-up of the Day Two action featuring the mighty Rammstein and the enduring Motley Crue plus a whole load more.

And he has a quick look forward to Day Three with Maiden and Slayer, amongst others, readying themselves for a full-on aural assault. Enjoy.

“The first time Rammstein ever played an outdoor show in the UK, Tim’s Minchin’s first rock festival appearance, earthtone9’s first show in 10 years, the first time Motley Crue turned up for a show on time and the first time Family Force 5 were allowed to play with their toys on the main stage. Saturday at Sonisphere was a day of firsts and a day of lock-outs. If you got there late to see Corey Taylor, Tim Minchin, Gallows, Inme and a bunch of other bands you were out of luck. The tents were so packed even some of Team Sonisphere couldn’t get in.

Rammstein’s outrageous stage show was all about the flames. If you were up the front, you were in a furnace with pyros threatening to burn your face off. When Flake went for his customary ride on a dinghy for the first time ever one of the crowd joined him waving a British flag. He wasn’t the only unexpected crowd-surfer. During Gallows a guy in a wheelchair decided to get a better view and went surfing over the crowd’s heads and came over the barrier. Their circle pit was so big it busted out of the Bohemia Stage.

Rammstein weren’t the only one with fireworks. Motley Crue brought their full pyrotechnic extravaganza with a set that started with ‘Kickstart My Heart’ and ended with ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’. They weren’t the most-famous people on site. Turned out Tim Minchin was. It’s amazing what singing about doing Jonathon Ross’s wife can do you for your career.

And so to today. The Fab Beatles just ended up their set with a cover of ‘Run to the Hills’, Skindred are smashing it up and Slayer, Alice in Chains and Pendulum are backstage psyching themselves up. Oh, we almost forgot. Britain’s biggest and best-ever metal band, Iron Maiden are playing their only UK show tonight. See you in the pit!”

Adam S