Chisel Beeches – Last In, First Out (Self Released)

Genre: Rock

If it’s Chisel Beeches goal to take you through a whirlwind tour of the awkward experiences they had while growing up, they’ve accomplished it.

While debut EP In A Week, On A Whim, which scored 9/10 on RUSHONROCK, was all about tales of awkward teenage years, this follow up effort chronicles the heartache and everyday challenges of young adulthood.

By casting a cynical and self-depreciating eye over modern life and love, Chisel Beeches have established themselves as a band adept at social commentary – but where they take things next will be interesting.

The band recorded this EP in one session and the results show. It gave them more chance to experiment in the studio and that comes through with the deliciously aggressive, unexpected and all too brief post-hardcore breakdown on You Never Know.

But apart from that Friday Night’s A Lie, V.I.P and You Know I’m Right carry on in the same vein as their debut release. The good news is the movement spearheaded by the likes of Press To Meco and Chisel Beeches shows now sign of slowing down, but the variety of sound brought to the table by You Never Know should be developed to give the band an extra string to their bow.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 More Of The Same