Patent Pending – Armageddon (Rude Records)

Genre: Pop-Punk

Patent Pending used to be the heir-elect for Bowling For Soup’s zany, pop-punk throne. Their new EP, Armageddon, has changed that – for now. The long time tour buddies of BfS aren’t so much waiting in the wings for their buddies to step aside, they’re on a different stage entirely.

While they were edging towards a more commercial sound on most recent album Brighter, they have come full circle towards the pop flank of pop-punk.

In some ways, this is a disappointing turn for a band who could have taken an edgier approach to their sound, but for many of their fans this is the type of music that is going to increase their popularity.

Too Much To Think captures some of the happy-go-lucky, don’t take life too seriously vibe that Patent Pending had from the days of Douche Bag.

But Brighter and The Way I See It are more The Summer Set than All Time Low, full of autotuned ‘whoah whoah whoah’ choruses and the type of watered-down guitar that One Direction would welcome.

As a rock EP, Armageddon falls down – it’s pretty bland stuff with moments that spark into life. As a crowd pleaser and a teenage vote winner, Armageddon excels. Russell Hughes

RUSHONROCK RATED: 5/10 Mixed Results