Beyond The Break – Pictures Of Losing Sleep (2p Records)

Genre: Alt Rock

Beyond The Break are a band made to play live. From their very beginning, live shows were the driving force. 2p Records signed them on the strength of a demo and Pictures Of Losing Sleep was recorded as a live performance direct to tape in just two weekends.

Featuring former members of Catatonia, 21 Against and Eleven, the band formed in early 2015 and have already gained more than 25,000 plays on Spotify for The Way It Was.

The debut EP ranges from a raw, live album feel to a studio-produced record featuring a more polished and smooth sound. In this sense Pictures Of Losing Sleep gives a good indication of what Beyond The Break would sound like live, but in going down that route they have sacrificed some listenability from the record.

That said, Mother Lover contains some excellent riffs and a catchy chorus and Big Wait, the most polished song on the EP, has a big Velvet Revolver type sound full of menacing guitars and a delicious solo.

This EP might be made to play live, and that is probably where the band’s heart lies, but there are a few stereo gems hiding on Pictures Of Losing Sleep too. Russell Hughes

RUSHONROCK RATED: 7/10 Breaks Even