Crimson Star – Bay View (Self-Released)

Genre: Alt. Rock

After joining forces with Romesh Dodangoda, who help produce Lower Than Atlantic, Bring Me The Horizon and Funeral For A Friend, things would have been expected of Crimson Star.

The Birmingham three-piece have returned with their second EP after the first, Driven, received good reviews in the local press.

So what’s in store for the listener? Firstly, the production values result in a stripped back, more raw sound that has a ting of a DIY sound to it – but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, it just makes the EP what it is.

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Aside from a delicious, gripping bass notes at the start of Euthanise Me – the EP offers pretty standard stuff for a three piece alt. rock band.

Bay View opens up with lead single The Protagonist, a song about unrequited love and the pain that comes along with that that builds into a heavy breakdown that would be welcome more often across the record.

La Prom shows off the heavier side of the band while follow up song Once continues in a similar vein, but mixes into it a creative splash of whispered lyrics that changes that whole feel of the song.

Bay View sounds like a band just trying to find their feet, their sound and try out a few different things. There is nothing wrong with that, and it should give them the stable base to further develop as a band.


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