Hometruths – Open Your Eyes (CI Records)

Genre: Hardcore

In an era of post truth, alternative facts, real fake news and fake fake news, Hometruths have taken it upon themselves to separate the wheat from the chaff and tell the world as they see it.

Social and political commentary combined with any element of rock music isn’t new, but it takes a certain courage to wear your heart on your sleeve in the manner that Open Your Eyes does. It took Enter Shikari two albums before they started to dabble, but Hometruths have dove straight in at the deep end.

With song titles such as Vigilante, WMD and Genocide there is no mistaking that this is as politically charged debut as you’re likely to find. Having a message is all well and good though, but if the music isn’t listenable than nobody is going to pay attention.

Fortunately for the Manchester five-piece, the groove laden hardcore tunes have plenty for fans of Hacktivist, Beartooth and Cursed Sails to sink their teeth into.

With a 16 minute running time, the band come bursting out of the blocks and supply no room for the listener to catch their breath. Only one song, Vigilante, is longer than three minutes as Hometruths produce tunes with a shorter, sharper shock than one of Donald Trump’s tweets.

This is an album that is intended to bring sight to those who have been blind to society and the lyrics represent that. Gaz Davies gravels out on Feral ‘death is a promise, your life is a lie’ – although it seems strange that it can take more than one, careful listen to actually catch the majority of vocals.

Open Your Eyes is a piece of work crafted in the fires of deep, burning anger. The music is aggressive, fast and furious but with an underpinning groove that worms its way into your ears and leaves little space for anything else. It’s just a shame, then, that the message can sometimes be lost amid the fury.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Open your eyes and your ears