The Comeback


Drew Davies

Drew Davies backstory

Dropping sleeper EP We Need To Talk in 2019, Drew Davies suddenly upped his game the following year.

The 2020 release of the Sheffield native’s genre bending self-titled full-length debut set tongues wagging.

And Davies — who cut his teeth on metal stages across the globe — continues to feed off a healthy diet of dad rock, goth, 80s pop and Bowie-inspired indie goodness.

The Comeback is just that: the hotly anticipated return of one of the UK’s most unpredictable and underrated singer songwriters.

And this time it’s serious.

Frontman with on-off heavy rock crew The Mercy House, Davies has experienced the highs and lows of band life.

Those giddy highs included sets at Download, Bloodstock and opening up for Biohazard at a sold-out London Scala show.

But for now the focus is on flying solo and fixing his sights on the future.

Watch this space.

In Drew Davies’ own words

The Comeback was written as I emerged from a particularly hard time in my life.

“It’s a cry for freedom and an anthem for regaining control of your own destiny.

“I wanted the song to sound powerful and to hit hard on one hand, whilst wrapping the other arm around you.

“It’s a bid to encapsulate both the defiance and the hope in the music.

“I was living opposite Joe Meek’s old Telstar studio on Holloway Road, London and one night I felt inspired to run a DX7 through an old bass amp in the corner.

“When I heard the sound pulsating out I knew this was the strident sound I’d been looking for.”

The verdict on The Comeback

Brooding, bold and beautifully conceived, The Comeback marks the stellar return of alt rock’s genre fluid sleeping giant.

Drew Davies boasts the tools — and the tunes — to soundtrack a generation.

But will The Comeback cajole a hitherto indifferent crowd into finally embracing one of the UK’s most relatable and relevant rising stars?

Its addictive Sisters Of Mercy-meets-David Bowie vibe will surely help Davies’ cause.

It’s some time since we’ve heard goth-tinged, electro rock of this quality and vision.

And Davies’ desire to experiment sonically deserves immense credit at a time when all the advice is to play it safe.

The Comeback is a come on…if your passion is for edgy, enticing and ethereal rock.

What’s next for Drew Davies

New album Holloway Nights is set for release later this year.

Expect news on solo shows soon.

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