Jason Bonham is set to continue his collaboration with Paul Rodgers – Black Country Communion commitments allowing.

The celebrated sticksman has been a revelation on Rodgers’ solo tour after resurrecting a playing partnership that stretches back more than 15 years.

And in an exclusive chat with rushonrock Bonham (pictured second right) revealed: “Paul asked me if we could do more together just last night. I replied I’d do it as long as I can! 

“I love his voice and I love his work. He’s in such a good place personally and professionally right now and he’s a joy to work with.

“I’ve always had an idea to put together an album with everyone that I’ve ever worked with. There are a couple of songs I have for that project which would be perfect for Paul.

“It would be nice to do and it would be nice to work with Paul on some of his material. He’s still got so many great ideas and so many great songs.

“I’m so back into my drumming right now that being on the road with Paul has been just what I need.”

Bonham will end his current stint with Rodgers in Birmingham on Thursday night – a show that will be filmed for a future DVD release.

“It was already going to be a special night for me returning to the West Midlands but the fact Paul’s chosen to film the show makes it even more special,” added Bonham.

“Of course I’ll have plenty of family and friends there. There’ll be aunts and uncles all there to cheer us on!

“I just hope we nail the set list before we start. At the end of shows Paul still calls a song that none of us have ever rehearsed together! He’ll say to me ‘do you know this one?’ and I’ll reply ‘yes I know it but I’ve never played it!’. But I’ve been loving every minute of this tour and I couldn;t have asked for more.”

Bonham returns to the States next week for the second leg of his JBLZE tour – with demand for the Zeppelin-themed shows at an all-time high.

And the in-demand drummer is back in Britain later this summer ahead of the release of Black Country Communion’s new album and the band’s debut UK headline tour and High Voltage Festival show.

Look out for a full and exclusive interview with Bonham here soon.