The grind scene’s sonic diversity came to the fore in 2022… yet there were still plenty of bands who embraced its primordial DNA. And that made for some incendiary records.
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10. Human Cull – To Weep For Unconquered Worlds (Self-released)

Four years after Revenant, Human Cull returned with another demonstration of innovative grindcraft.

The band pushed into post-Extreme Conditions Brutal Truth turf with the likes of Instinct Enthroned and Confession Archive.

But when the South West UK trio opted for a (slightly) more conventional route, the results were no less devastating.

Vocalist/guitarist Edd Robinson roared “this is Armageddon” over the opening track… and you simply couldn’t argue with him.

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9. Escuela Grind – Memory Theater (MNRK Records)

Indoctrination burned the name Escuela Grind into the underground’s mind. And the quartet quickly built on that momentum with Memory Theater.

The Massachusetts band have a reputation for bringing carnage to the stage… and the loose, earthy feel of this record reflected that (it helped to have Converge’s Kurt Ballou behind the desk).

That said, a heavyweight production job is nothing without heavyweight tunes. And Escuela Grind brought them by the truckload as they hit us with depth charge grind strikes like All Is Forgiven.

Created in a spirit of openness and empowerment, Memory Theater won’t be forgotten.

8. Knoll – Metempiric (Self-released)

On the follow up to their 2021 debut, Interstice, Knoll mutated even further from their human forms.

Christ knows what’s in the Tennessee water….

Indeed, you could argue that Knoll have transcended grindcore and reached a higher – and more frightening – plain of sonic existence.

The band push extreme music to the edges of reality, then pull it down into a hellish abyss… you only have to listen to Tether and Swine or the eerie Of Troth to Atom to get the full, lurid picture.

Metempiric was a seething, writhing entity… and a full scale assault on the senses.

7. Slugcrust – Ecocide (Prosthetic Records)

Slugcrust’s debut saw the quartet tackle the destruction of Mother Earth head on, with a slew of grind polemics.

D-beat, crust and corrosive sludge were poured into the likes of Swamp Mind and Drag Me To Agony, and the South Carolina act were in no mood to compromise as they battered us senseless over 12 extinction level tunes.

Given guitarist Derick Caperton and drummer Brett Terrapin’s work in WVRM, it was perhaps no surprise that Ecocide would be a high grade offering.

Even so, few could have expected this level of onslaught from a band with only two EPs to their name.

A surprise attack from the depths of the wilderness, Ecocide made its point in no uncertain terms.

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6. Narakah – Nemesis Cloak (Self-released)

Pittsburgh deathgrinders Narakah popped up in our Best Grindcore Albums of 2021 with the formidable Blast Haven.

And they went one better on Nemesis Cloak, a kaleidoscopic vortex of pop culture, blastbeats and annihilating riffery.

The effect could be pretty unnerving: see the The Uzi Crusades, F>R>E>E> or The Colour Of Illusion.

However Narakah anchored their work with pinpoint songwriting and startling technical prowess (shout out to drummer Jason Spence). And that made for one hell of a grindcore record.

5. Skullshitter – Goat Claw (Nerve Altar)

According to Skullshitter, this record was a “fully realized Satanic grindcore experience”.

It was also pretty fucking awesome.

And a hell of a lot of fun too.

On their second full-length, the New Yorkers drew on Autopsy, Terrorizer and Repulsion to spew out 16 tracks of deathgrind destruction, replete with cheeky samples and churning, acidic fretwork.

With Mindpower, the trio brought those scorching Napalm riffs, on Ramlord they were sniffing around the sewers of death doom, and Angel Of Decay mixed the D and blast beats to stunning effect.

In The Grip Of The Goat Claw? Back in May ’22 last year, you bet we were!

4. Houkago Grind Time – Houkago Grind Time 2: The Second Raid (Outrageous Weeb Power Productions)

Is there no end to Andrew Lee’s talents?

Well, apparently not.

The multi-instrumentalist, who featured in our Top Death Metal Albums with Ripped To Shreds, also unleashed this eviscerating slice of grind in ’22.

The second full-length from his anime-inspired ‘mincegore’ project was a platter of riff splatter and wild soloing, ably harnessed by the Californian’s expert hand.

And while Houkago Grind Time 2 was a solo effort from its founder, he did invite a few buddies around for the party, including Rotten Sound’s Keijo Niinimaa and Coprocephalic’s Larry Wang.

Concluding with the savage Houkago Grind Time Cares, this was a welcome bonus for fans of Lee’s work.

Andrew Lee.

3. Cloud Rat – Threshold (Artoffact Records)

One of the most intriguing acts in grindcore returned in 2022, bringing with them this fascinating record.

A rawer, less subtle album than its predecessor, 2019’s Pollinator, Threshold saw the Michigan trio almost drown in a torrent of vicious riffs.

However, Cloud Rat still found ways of seasoning their songs with melodies and imbuing them emotional heft.  The sparkling Kaleidoscope, for instance, rivalled Pollinator’s Wonder for sheer cerebral brilliance. Imaging Order followed a similar dramatic path.

And they were just two of the many gems to be found on Threshold.

2. Ground – Habitual Self Abuse (Hibernation Release)

Ground went for the jugular on their fifth album.

Not that they haven’t before, but this release of pent up rage was designed to cause total havoc.

Habitual Self Abuse snapped and bit at you, as the quartet corralled HC, crust, powerviolence and slam into tense workouts like Couch Potato, Indurated Juvenescence and the phenomenal Tastemaker.

And the New Jersey band excelled themselves with the Stand Up Guy, a song which switched between lunatic DM riffs and pit-crashing grooves… and laid waste to everything in its path.

Groundcore never sounded so good…

So which record topped our Best Grindcore Albums of 2022 list?

1. Wormrot – Hiss (Earache Records)


It’s not a word you’d normally associate with a grindcore record.

But it fits Hiss.

Over 21 songs, Wormrot explored an array of sonic landscapes, from the angular noise rock of Your Dystopian Hell and Sea of Disease to the sharp HC of Voiceless Choir and the swirling jazz of Grieve.

And when Singapore’s finest really hit the grind switch, they ignited a firestorm: Behind Closed Doors and Hatred Transcending showed just what we’ve been missing since this extraordinary act battered us with Voices six years ago.

Vocalist Arif departed just two months after the album’s release. But this richly diverse record was a fitting way for him to bow out.

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