Drag Me To Agony



Slugcrust backstory

Slugcrust put a hefty dent in the grind scene this year with their self-titled debut EP and its four-track follow-up, From Whom Hell Shall Never Depart.  

And that was enough to pique the interest of Prosthetic Records, who announced the signing of the South Carolina quartet in June.

Slugcrust – who feature two members of grind crew WVRM in their line-up – are set to unleash their debut album, Ecocide, in September.

Drag Me To Agony is the second single to be taken from that record, following the release of Echoless last month.

In Slugcrust’s own words

Drag Me to Agony is a writhing prayer amid the unfulfillment of torment; the paralytic plea to a demonic audience, asking them to flay my skin and wear it as desperate means to take me to hell.”

The verdict on Drag Me To Agony

With WVRM, drummer Brett Terrapin and guitarist Derick Caperton created Colony Collapse, arguably one of the finest grindcore albums of recent years.

And the pair’s instinctive grindcraft shines through on Drag Me To Agony.

On this song, Slugcrust – completed by vocalist Jesse Cole and bassist Stacey Williams – spew up some fine, ENT-style HC then mix it with spasms of devastating deathgrind.

And when that midsection riff hits, you’ll either need to run for cover… or dive straight into the pit.

What’s next for Slugcrust?

Ecocide will be released on September 9.

Ecocide represents our rebirth as artists, gnawing our way to the surface of the unforgiving scorched earth that has been our lives these past few years,” say the band. “This record is the firing of a gun before the race, the tumultuous calling card, the scorched earth foundation we only want to build upon in years to come.

“We sincerely hope you fuckers enjoy it.”