Live Laugh Love


The Hot Damn!

The Hot Damn! backstory

It’s almost 15 months since The Hot Damn! claimed their first Rushonrock Red Hot Track Of The Week.

Last summer the blazing Dance Around had us tapping our feet like Fred Astaire on speed.

And that earworm of a track proved impossible to shake.

But that’s The Hot Damn! in a nutshell.

Singalong anthems are the quartet’s speciality and from day one the band’s been on a mission to get the party started.

Or restarted.

Gill Montgomery (ex. The Amorettes), Josie O’Toole (ex. Tequila Mockingbyrd), Laurie Buchanan (Aaron Buchanan and the Cult Classics) and Lzi Hayes (Sophie Lloyd Band, New Device) have been around the block.

And back again.

But since 2020 it seems the four horsewomen of the pop punk apocalypse have found the perfect home for their collective craziness.

Two years down the line and The Hot Damn! are headlining UK club tours and slaying the summer festival circuit.

Best of all they’re still bashing out radio-friendly bubblegum rock that’s impossible to beat.

In vocalist Jill Montgomery’s own words

“Back to normal from riding the epidemic train, and discovering the joy of  ‘reliving’ your life felt like a very fitting message for our new single. 

“Making plans and making the most of things in general and not giving a crap is more important than ever. 

“It’s a parody of those kitsch yet cringeworthy motivational signs you would find in cheap and cheerful homeware shops which were very popular in the late noughties.

“Notwithstanding the irony…we wanted to bring back the essence of the message with a humorous twist.

“We want people to embrace the cheese! 

“It really is a case of a full on slap of Stilton in the face! 

“People should reflect and move on from the miserable times and just embrace the other side with all guns blazing. 

“Shake off the doom and gloom in the news and just enjoy whatever it may be! Life! Love? New music! Positivity!”

The verdict on Live Laugh Love

The Hot Damn! will never be cool.

And they’d never want to be.

Quirky, contrary and just a little bit crazy is this brilliant band’s USP.

But Live Laugh Love’s hilarious video is next level nonsense.

Even by The Hot Damn!’s impeccably unhinged standards.

Of course, beneath the silliness lies a serious message.

It’s a call to arms to communities battered by Brexit, viruses and a cost-of-living crisis.

Live Laugh Love urges you to live for the moment.

Laugh in the face of adversity.

And Love who you can, while you can.

Sure, on the surface, a supercharged anthem is cheesier than a cracker in Cheddar.

But The Hot Damn! aren’t quite as bonkers as they’d have you believe.

Live Laugh Love is an ode to optimism and an anthem for the future.

And it’s the most beautiful song yet from Montgomery and co.

What’s next for The Hot Damn!

The Hot Damn!’s debut album is slated for an early 2023 release.

The band plays Bathgate, Inverness and Huddersfield next month.

And you can catch the quartet at Hard Rock Hell at Great Yarmouth in November.