Tedeschi Trucks Band — I Am The Moon: III. The Fall (Fantasy Records)

It’s only two months since Tedeschi Trucks Band bagged their most recent Rushonrock Record Of The Week.

I Am The Moon: I. Crescent announced the band’s four-part masterwork in sublime style.

In between times the second chapter (II. Ascension) kept the creative pot boiling.

And in what seems like the blink of an eye we’re treated to the third instalment in this seriously affecting series.

If this is the summer of love Tedeschi Trucks-style then consider Rushonrock utterly, uncontrollably smitten.

And on that note, The Fall intensifies the focus on affairs of the heart.

None Above is a short, sweet and a refreshingly unsubtle love letter.

It’s a bold declaration of commitment, passion, loyalty and deep connection.

And it’s all the more moving given the rock solid relationship bonding the band’s dual driving force.

As a devoted couple and an unstoppable creative partnership, Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks are in pole position to deliver love songs with unquestionable depth.

Every so often they hit pay dirt.

And every second of None Above’s beautifully nuanced two-and-a-half minutes is worth savouring.

In isolation, listening to this wonderfully simple song fully justifies the decision to drip feed I Am The Moon’s Aladdin’s cave of blues-soaked country and Americana.

By splitting a wildly ambitious project into four carefully curated parts there’s time to properly appreciate, evaluate and assimilate a wealth of new material.

And there’s no excuse to allow quantity to overshadow quality.

Even if the four-week wait for the final chapter suddenly seems like an eternity.

The Fall guys ascend to greatness

What makes Tedeschi Trucks Band so special is the collective’s instinctive ability to mix adorably disarming vocals with layer upon layer of dreamy melodies.

When everyone weighs in there can be a whole lot going on.

Yet III. The Fall never sounds over-complicated, overblown or over produced.

In fact, it’s impeccably produced. It has to be.

Even at the height of Yes We Will’s guitar-fuelled jam it’s possible to pick out every part of what makes this standout track work so well.

Skip to the glorious Gravity and a wall of keys and brass could easily drown out earnest lyrics that demand attention.

Of course, that never happens.

Tedeschi and Trucks are experienced masters of their unique craft and ensure there’s no conflict — just harmony — at the heart of their classy compositions.

Charming ballad Emmaline underlines the thread of ambition stitching together I Am The Moon’s first three parts.

A recurring guitar hook briefly references 50s rock and roll but don’t be fooled.

The piano’s the star here as Emmaline echoes some of stadium rock’s most memorable 70s moments.

It’s easy to imagine Joe Walsh and Stevie Nicks smashing this captivating song out of the park.

Three quarters of the way in and I Am The Moon has exceeded expectations.

Expect IV. Farewell (released on August 26) to provide a fitting and fabulous conclusion to one of the musical events of the year.