Reckless Love

Reckless Love backstory

Fun-loving Finns Reckless Love have been soundtracking the Rushonrock office jukebox for more than a decade now.

After first clapping our eyes on Olli Herman and co. at Download in 2010 we’ve been completely smitten by the band’s joyously retro hair metal vibes.

And in guitarist Pepe the band boasts the peerless heir apparent to the late, great Eddie Van Halen.

Incredibly, it’s been five years since the band’s last long player, InVader, kept the pop rock flag flying.

But Outrun hints at more AOR-meets-glam goodness ahead of next year’s new album drop.

Reckless Love have built their red-hot reputation on fist-pumping choruses and super-smooth riffs.

And 10 years after breakout record Animal Attraction it seems the ‘comeback’ kings are ready to reclaim their spandex-trimmed hair metal crown.

In Reckless Love frontman Olli Herman’s own words:

Outrun was the first song we wrote for the upcoming fifth album, so I think it makes perfect sense that it’s also the first single cut from the album. 

“Somehow, this catchy little tune managed to encapsulate all of the stuff that is built into the genetics of every kid that grew up during the era of arcade games, long haired metal bands and explosive action movies. 

“The lyrics are filled with themes and entertaining wordplays that put supercharged motor racing and hormone rich competitions side by side. 

“In the sound department, the 80s-esque pop metal roars loud and clear.

“But it’s also strongly coloured with a modern synth wave flavour, whipping up an interesting cocktail.”

The verdict on Outrun

Outrun proves there’s no point trying to keep up with hair metal frontrunners Reckless Love.

And as the band announces its welcome return it’s a case of back to the drawing board for the chasing pack.

Olli Hermann and Pepe Reckless are a modern-day David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen.

The former’s killer vocal range is perfectly complemented by the latter’s delicious retro licks.

And in combination they’re streets ahead of the opposition.

Outrun teases the band’s fifth long player and Reckless Love’s first album in half a decade.

And this earworm of a single is proof positive that the flying Finns have been off the rock and roll radar for far too long.

Myriad references to 80s staples will warm the hearts of those rooted in a much-loved decade.

And a video featuring pinball machines, neon lights, rolled up jacket sleeves and shoulder pads provides the perfect backdrop to a throwback party classic.

What’s next for Reckless Love

Newly signed to AFM, the band will release their latest album early next year.

A UK tour alongside Dan Reed Network has been rescheduled for February and March 2022.

And Reckless Love will headline Lincolnshire festival Call Of The Wild next May.