Saturday Night (Hallelujah)



Eclipse backstory

Flying the flag for classic Scandinavian melodic rock, Eclipse continues to set the standard.

At least when it comes to penning anthemic party-starters perfect for the post-pandemic era.

Remarkably, 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the band’s dazzling debut The Truth And A Little More but Eclipse is the ultimate slow burner of a band.

It wasn’t until 2015’s spectacular Armageddonize that Eclipse started to garner the widespread acclaim their sleek melodies and shiny choruses deserve.

But 2017’s Monumentum and 2019’s Paradigm completed a glorious hat-trick of career-defining albums that put the Swedes front and centre of the pop rock scene.

Eclipse has performed to audiences across the globe, building up a loyal fan base in the U.S, Japan, Australia and Europe.

The band has opened up for stadium behemoths including Aerosmith and Scorpions.

And huge single Viva La Victoria — from Paradigm — has racked up 15 million streams and counting.

In Eclipse frontman Erik Martensson’s own words:

“It was another one of those Saturday nights. At home. But, for the first time in a very long time, there was hope. 

“Suddenly there were stories about someone’s mom getting ‘the shot’, an old neighbour who was able to see the grandkids for the first time in a year, and I saw an ad for a gig. 

“A real one, without screens or internet connections. 

“A songwriter buddy of mine was there and we walked back to the studio and wrote most of what would become Saturday Night (Hallelujah) in 15 minutes. 

“There’s absolutely nothing snotty about this song. It’s about partying! 

“Don’t try to tell me you’re not up for a good f***ing party right about now?”

The verdict on Saturday Night (Hallelujah)

Has there ever been a better time for Eclipse to unleash their catchiest crowd pleaser yet?

This furious fusion of Sunset Strip attitude and MTV-friendly sass combines the best of late 80s party rock with a timely message for the pandemic generation.

“We’ll sleep when we’re dead,” screams frontman Eric Martensson and it’s easy to believe he really, really means it.

An impossibly addictive riff underpins a singalong classic that captures the very best of vintage Eclipse.

And if New Jersey-era Bon Jovi is your bag then fill your boots.

Saturday Night (Hallelujah) is perfectly crafted for crowd participation and looks destined to muscle its way all the way to the top of the next Eclipse setlist.

Thought these boys had peaked with Paradigm? Think again.

Saturday Night (Hallelujah) is the sound of a band bang on form and celebrating life.

What’s next for Eclipse?

Saturday Night (Hallelujah) is the first taste of new Eclipse material since 2019.

A new album has been slated for this autumn and Martensson and co. are wrapping up Paradigm’s successor as we speak.

There are no upcoming dates listed on the band’s official website but expect the odd festival show later this summer.

Main image courtesy of Simon Dunkerley