Prosperina backstory

Back in 2012, furious debut album Faith In Sleep announced the then trio as ones to watch.

A glorious amalgam of stoner, prog and post-grunge piqued the interest of fans and critics alike.

And it was full steam ahead for a band that refused to be pigeon-holed.

Expanding to a quartet in 2015 — and releasing follow-up Harness-Minus — maintained the Welsh band’s upward trajectory.

But it’s been a long wait for new tunes as problems with crowdfunding platform Pledge Music and that goddam pandemic put ambitious plans on the backburner.

In 2021 Prosperina are back. And they’re bigger and bolder than ever before.

New album Flag shines a light on society’s ills — focusing on the helplessness of modern life and the themes of loss, grief and fear.

And although it’s music perfectly pitched at the pandemic generation, Prosperina recorded their latest long player in 2018. 

Flag’s lead single, Deep Never, was released earlier this year to critical acclaim across the board.

In singer Gethin Woolcock’s own words:

Boot reflects the slash and burn brutality of big state control on the working class and provincial communities, whilst simultaneously being a politically driven two-fingered salute rendered in audio format.

“It’s an anthem for the disenfranchised Left. 

“It feels like a counterpoint to the culture of pretence that things will always work out ok given time – a Hollywood trope that’s not always the case in the real world. 

Boot is a track that is intended to rouse people from the morphine-esque stupor created by social media.”

The verdict on Boot

The infectious stomp of a beat underpinning Boot is the sound of a brutally honest and sonically uncompromising band that clearly means business.

Paired with a thought-provoking and foreboding animation, this earworm of a post-grunge anthem is incredulous, insightful and incredibly relevant.

That Boot was written three years ago is remarkable.

Its ‘sign-of-the-times’ theme resonates completely with the themes of global oppression and capitalist ambition pacing the global pandemic.

More astonishing still is the maturity and authenticity at the heart of a genuinely moving modern rock song.

Frontman Gethin Woolcock has a knack for making everything feel real.

And the density of guitarist Chris Dean’s inspired axework adds another dizzying dimension to the brilliant Boot.

Think Rick Nielsen meets Kim Thayil jamming with Clutch — one of the UK’s fastest-rising six stringers is front and centre on this savage single. 

What’s next for Prosperina

New album Flag drops on May 21 and the band is adding summer festival dates weekly.

Highlights include June’s Black Deer festival and August’s KINGSfest.

Look out for a full UK tour later this year.