London rockers The Dark Light fuse the classic groove of legends The Stooges, Rolling Stones and The Beatles with a modern rock attitude. As the band looks forward to the post-lockdown era, frontman Gerard Edwards reveals the tunes that keep his band on track.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication

Marks a new era on the band’s sound and it reminds our drummer of his early years, first playing drums and creating music with friends. He says ‘The song makes you dream’.

Pink Floyd – Echoes

Our guitarist loves Pink Floyd, especially during and before The Dark Side Of The MoonEchoes is one of Rob’s favourites because it talks about the story of a man who, while thinking of a person he loves, wonders where life comes from and the story itself of the Genesis of the world. Rob says that in this case ‘the music and words are perfect together’.

Kortatu – Sarri Sarri

This is a unique song, chosen by our drummer again. It reminds him of freedom and where he’s from, representing his Basque roots. Gorka says he can’t get tired of the rhythm of this one…which always helps with driving music.

King Crimson – 21st Century Schizoid Man 

There has to be one progressive music feature in our 10 and King Crimson is a band favourite of that genre. This song has few lyrics but has intensity in all the right places.

Vasco Rossi – Gli Angeli 

An Italian song for our guitarist who loves rock music. One of the best in this genre in Italy is Vasco Rossi, who wrote a few beautiful songs…but Gli Angeli is more than a song, it’s a good reflection on life, and talks about the end of life. In fact, he wrote this song for his manager and friend Maurizio Lolli before his death. The music and lyrics are amazing and the final guitar solo helped inspire the outro for our latest single, Glory Days

Prince – Purple Rain

Chosen by our vocalist, Gerard. The song is so immense, and lasts long enough for a nice long drive, if that’s what you need. The lyrics though, are spectacular, without having to put too much into them. The opening chord sits just right for the overall sound, and everyone is able to sing along when the chorus comes round. Even the two words together are creative, Purple Rain.

Bob Marley – Roots, Rock, Reggae

The title says it all! By composition, this one makes you fly.

Earthless – Uluru Rock

Chosen by our bassist, the sound is perfect for driving along to. Good to have a psychedelic moment! You can almost lose yourself in the guitars as they bring round the riff each time.  Every now and then you catch the drums and bass together unexpectedly and realise they have been going haywire for ages, but you were lost in it all.

Kikagaku Moyo – Smoke And Mirrors

This one shows how rock’n’roll sounds should be done. It doesn’t need to blow you away, but the swing in the guitar riffs keeps it driving forward. Lots happening all at once, and then brings it all up and down together, changing pace as a full band.

Soundgarden – Fell On Black Days

This one wraps up our list…proving that perhaps we’re not the most uplifting lot when we get together. Each song might have been melancholic, but we’d certainly be laughing and having fun as we go. We enjoy touring and travelling as a group. We had to drop a Soundgarden song in there that shows off Chris Cornell’s range. There is something for each band member is here.

Check out The Dark Light‘s Glory Days: