Leopard Rays are not alone in dreaming of the next time the band can hit the road and play live. Until then the Hartlepool alt rockers are keeping it real by revisiting the tunes that soundtrack their gigging lives.

Foo FightersMy Poor Brain

Luke: This one comes in pretty weird and scattered but then breaks beautifully into this really uplifting chord sequence. That contrast resonates with me heavily. Catchy song, feels good listening in the car on a summer’s day.

Alter BridgeRise Today

Sean: For me Rise Today has a good progression from being more gentle and melodic in the first verse to a hard, driving second verse interspersed with some very appealing lead lines throughout…the solo rips ass as well.

David BowieHeroes 

All: It’s perfect ain’t it? As a band, i think we all love this one, we cover it from time to time and it really brings people together. Perfect for on the road too, like in the film ‘Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ except we don’t hang out the car roof….

Smashing PumpkinsMayonaise

Tom: There’s something seriously uplifting and cheerful about this seemingly dull and gloomy track, almost like a sad summer. It’s just a work of art by a timeless band. 

Don BrocoWhole Truth

Dave: Definitely take a bit of influence from these guys when it comes to drum parts. Their early stuff is cool.

Red Hot Chili PeppersFortune Faded

Luke: Despite this being one of their more popular tunes, I never actually heard it until Tom showed me not long after the band formed in 2018. I missed out for years and I can’t believe it. 

Sonic YouthSunday

Tom: The dark underlining bass lines throughout this track (especially the never ending interlude) are perfect homework for me whenever drawing up my own ideas for our tracks. As far as music videos go too – I think Sunday is my all-time favourite.

James BrownGet Up Offa That Thing

All: This one gets the blood pumping, feel good factor at 100%. This song we walk out to almost every time and every now and again you’ll get a sound guy who just won’t have it. We always feel better going on stage with a smile on and a spring in our step.

Leopard Rays’ latest single, Daydream, is out now.

Check out the band’s ‘Influences‘ playlist on Spotify here.