Heather Findlay – Wild White Horses (Black Sand Records)

There’s little doubt that Heather Findlay possesses vocal ability par excellence. Her time fronting Mostly Autumn was mostly incredible and her work since has maintained a commendable level of quality and consistency.

Nevertheless, Wild White Horses appears to represent Findlay best. Sensibly playing to the singer’s considerable strengths and showcasing the various styles that have soundtracked a varied career, its 12 tracks chart a stunning creative journey from start to finish.

Guided by the multi-talented Luke Morley – the Thunder man produced Wild White Horses and co-wrote a batch of material – Findlay flits almost casually from the powerful to the subtle without missing a beat. Ambition is writ large across a constantly challenging record and it takes some guts to get it right.

Morley’s good mate Danny Bowes pops up to add his own vocal muscle to the joyous Just A Woman and the guest appearances don’t stop there. Ian Anderson’s flute adds a majestic touch to the triumphant Winner while Troy Donockley introduces the exotic sounding Uillean pipes to I Remember. And who can remember the last time they heard those on a rock record anytime lately?

Findlay has the talent, the experience and the friends in high places to throw caution to the wind and blaze a new trail in 2019. Wild White Horses proves it.