Like many, Mystery Jets are a band who have been grounded due to COVID-19. However, they have used the time to get creative and help raise money to support the NHS, selling a run of ‘MJS’ T-shirts. This proved so successful that the band have launched a second batch to continue to support the cause.

Supporting this great cause may be keeping the band busy, but where are they getting their musical inspirtion from during the lockdown? Jack Flanagan spoke to RUSHONROCK’s Adam Keys about the albums that are getting him through the lockdown. Check out Jack’s top 10 quarantine albums below:

The La’s – The LA’s

Even though Mavers believes this album to not live up to the potential of it’s songs, the pure wizardry of his songwriting resonates through me all day everyday. He is a conduit. 

Ty Segall – Freedom’s Goblin 

This album goes everywhere. The quieter moments on it like Cry Cry Cry never fail to hit me with the feels. Plus any album with a hot chocolate cover is a winner for me.

The Lemonheads – It’s a Shame About Ray

I’ve been revisiting my teenage years a lot throughout the coronavirus pandemic and this album used to be my favourite. Dando is a master of odd guitar tunings. The guitar solo in confetti is something else.

Hollow Hand – Star Chamber 

Max Kinghorn Mills is a chord orchard. This album is so consistent and musically adventurous. It’s expansive and subtle all at the same time. Recorded in a shed in his backgarden. Fave tune Two Of Us.

The Shins – Chutes Too Narrow  

I remember the first time I heard Saint Simon and being amazed at how the chords seemed to go all over the place. James Mercer’s lyrics mirror this, but he always finds a way to bring you back home. 

Elliot Smith – Figure

He played nearly every instrument on this record. By this point in his career he had completely perfected his unique style of songwriting. Everything Means Nothing To Me liberates my sadness during these odd times. 

Wilco – Yankee Hotel Fox Trot 

You can really hear the hours that were put into this record. Lots of arguing happened to apparently. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart is an incredible album opener.

The Flaming Lips – The Soft Bulletin

Something to put on in the morning. So much fun in the production of this. From the gigantic snare rolls on The Spider Bite Song to the telephone line vocals of Wayne Coyne. Madness!

John Lennon – Walls and Bridges 

The first entirely self produced Lennon album. He wasn’t afraid of repeating himself within his songwriting and this album really demonstrates that. Beautiful string arrangements. 

Blur – Think Tank 

It’s just all about the combo of drum machines, eastern instruments and Albarn’s nostalgic tones really isn’t it.

Need some listening inspiration to get you through this lockdown? Why not start with A Billion Heartbeats by Mystery Jets?