Speaking in Shadows – The Anchor (Unsigned)

Genre: Alt Rock

The Anchor is supposed to take Speaking In Shadows back to their roots and back to basics. If their roots are as good as this, I don’t know why they would ever chose to depart from them.

Following on from 2014’s The Lies We Lead EP, this year’s release is a strong body of work that shows off a creative band with the will and energy to take their career as far as it will go.

After appearing on Keep A Breast UK’s Check Your Selfie album with the likes of Man Overboard, it was vital that their next body of work continued to momentum built up in the past few years. The Anchor not only keeps up the good work, but it sets the benchmark even higher.

While bands in the Attention Thieves mould are 10 a penny, Speaking In Shadows makes the genre their own with songs like Easy For You and roaring, energetic And Grit.

While Figures of Eighty keeps to momentum of the EP going with a big, rousing crescendo that builds up through the course of the whole song. With two EPs released now, it’s time for Speaking In Shadows to drop a full length album. They have laid an incredibly solid foundation with The Anchor, and they have a chance to really build something with their debut LP.

For their sake, and ours, it must not be wasted.