Atreyu – Long Live (Spinefarm Records)

Genre: Metalcore

It’s been a while in the making, after a 2011 hiatus, but Atreyu are back and the wait has been well worth it. The Orange County natives are in incredibly fine form with their latest album, with sounds ranging from Disturbed to more slick rock n roll and all the way back to volatile heavy metal.

This is a record that anyone who likes any sort of metal or rock ‘n roll should buy immediately. It’s thought provoking, aggressive, nuanced and loud all at the same time, while the range and sounds of influences are enormous – but the veteran rockers hold it all together beautifully as the songs flow into one another without pause.

Cut Of The Head is a perfect example of the balance that the album has: it’s aggressive and snarling and its guttural growls are complemented by the rabble rousing chorus that changes the whole mood of the song entirely.

Do You Know Who You Are echoes The Streets, if you replaced the can of Special Brew and the carton of cigarettes with Red Bull and an electric guitar. And Brass Balls would have Ollie Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon listening with interest.

Atreyu have made fans wait four years for this album but every second was worth it as the fivesome have squeezed every ounce of creativity out for Long Live.