Polaris have released the video and single for their brand new track Hypermania, taken from second album The Death Of Me.

Their sophomore record will come out on February 21st via SharpTone Records and have been given to their fans as a present ahead of the Sydney mob’s appearance at Unify Festival in Australia this weekend.

Polaris have been playing it live since 2019 but this is the first time you can hear a studio version of the track, which is about living life on the edge of your emotions.

Hypermania is a song about losing your grip on reality, questioning your sanity, and feeling like you’re on the verge of an explosion all the time,” said drummer Daniel Furnari.

The song was written by guitarist Rick Schneider, who Furnari says can write riffs and tunes like nobody else in Polaris – and was released, in part, because of high demand online.

“Rick has this knack for writing these kind of Southern-hardcore-meets-nu-metal riffs that no one else in the band could write,” explained the Dummer. “Stuff that’s really noisy, abrasive and discordant, but also tight and bouncy, and that’s where this song began.

“The internet has been starting to demand pretty firmly that we release it, and we’ve been itching to get it out for everyone to finally hear it properly, so here it is,” he added.

Often these types of songs are cathartic outlets for the writer and for the band, but it wasn’t the case when it came to writing the lyrics for Hypermania. Furnari said they just went with the flow of the music, and that was that.

It’s about ‘Paranoia, mood swings, white-knuckling your way through the day just barely holding it together,’ continued the Aussie, while ‘the whole lyrical direction was inspired very directly by the music itself.’