Beartooth have released the second song from their forthcoming EP The Blackbird Sessions, which will be out on the 13th of September.

The re-imagined version of Afterall follows on the footsteps of Clever, which was the first song to be announced on the country-music inspired The Blackbird Sessions.

For a band known for their visceral sound, the new release will be a version of Beartooth fans have never seen before. The songs on the record are taken from their third album Disease, and given a stripped down country flavour to them.

Beartooth lead singer Caleb Shomo is a talented man and this EP shows a different side to him, but it’s one that takes Shomo back to his musical roots. However, don’t get worried that the band are going to do a complete 360 on us as you can be sure that Beartooth will be back to normal after this EP.

This isn’t a move that’s super forced either, as Shomo explained: “The idea of taking Beartooth in a direction of my first musical moments in life felt right. The songs came out better than I could have ever imagined.”

The EP is recorded in the most pure fashion available. It’s all live, with hardly any rehearsal from the band and no metronome to help them keep time. Beartooth got themselves in a room and just went for it to see what happened. This is what happened.

Afterall and Cleaver will be joined by You Never Know and Disease to make up the four track EP.

In other news, the band head out on an extensive UK and European headline tour in early 2020 with support from The Amity Affliction, but not before they hit the road this year with A Day to Remember and I Prevail on one of the most-anticipated treks of the entire fall season.