Limbs have premiered their new single Abandoned on Metal Injection and announced that Austin McAuley will be their new lead vocalist.

McCauley debuted with the band at the end of 2018 while on tour with Currents, giving fans a taste of his energy and passion before bringing it into the studio for new music. 

The song is about acceptance, really, says guitarist Jordan Hunter. It’s about human nature, rejection and self-preservation and marked a new chapter for the band in how they go through the creative process.

Abandoned is quite literally a narrative of struggling to accept one’s own flaws. It represents the rejecting of negative emotions, coupled with a perpetual need for self-preservation,” explained Hunter.

“We wrote this song differently than any song we’ve ever written before – all together in a room from start to finish. We’ve definitely adopted a more collective-based style of writing as opposed to having one person write most things primarily.”

McCauley being named as the new lead vocalist has changed a lot for Limbs, who have seen the benefit of his addition straight away.

“We’ve really taken a new approach to writing songs collectively, and Austin coming into the picture was a direct cause of that,” continued Hunter.

“He was already close with the band prior to his induction, so the camaraderie has been second-nature while on the road and in the studio. He’s a terrific fit.”

Limbs signed to UNFD last year and released their debut album Father’s Son shortly after that. The album goes through how a young man who left a religion he grew up with while coming to terms with his upbringing and his own actions. It’s a conceptual album following a young man breaking free from his indoctrinated upbringing, the album explores the harm it causes and the strength in reclaiming your own life. 

The band’s video for Father’s Son was filmed during Limbs’ tour with Underoath, Dance Gavin Dance and Veil of Maya.