London tech metal outfit Harbinger have released the music video for new single Compelled To Suffer, taken from their debut album of the same name.

The release follows the successful debut EP Paroxysm and their belter of a follow up Human Dust.

After working with Meyrick De La Fuente at Floodgate Audio (Osiah, Nexilva, Exist Immortal, Acrania and Slaughter to Prevail) the band recorded the record, which is a culmination of two years of hard work, in Croydon.

Harbinger will self release their debut album Compelled To Suffer on May 17th.

With a foundation of technicality, ferocious rhythm and incredibly varied vocal styles, these sonic elements combined with thought provoking lyrics are the reason the band are making a name for themselves in the metal, hardcore and tech-metal scenes around the UK and beyond.

Those previous two releases were all building blocks leading up to the moment when Harbinger would release their debut album, said the band,

“This album is much more refined than our last EP in many ways, and we feel that every aspect of the sound we have built over the last two EPs has been improved upon on Compelled To Suffer.”

By their own emissions, the band’s previously releases may have lacked chorus lines that were accessible to the listener – and they’ve tried to build that in to their new work.

“The music is still fast, technical, heavy and groovy, but now has more accessible choruses and intricate guitar layers, topped off with a vast improvement in each member’s instrumental abilities.  We are proud of it and can’t wait to get out and play these songs live.”

Harbinger make a huge statement in the live environment. The band are known for bringing an energetic live show, and killer instrumental precision.

Within the past two years, they have supported the likes of Loathe, Osiah, Heart of a Coward, Monuments, and Ingested. Harbinger have also made appearances at several festivals throughout the UK and Europe including main stage appearances at two consecutive Tech Fests.