Goth ‘n roll masters The 69 Eyes are back with the new music video for Two Horns Up, which features Dani Filth from the legendary Cradle Of Filth.

Friday the 13th conincided with a full moon for the first time in 19 years, and obviously that’s when the masters of gothic rock decided to release their 30-year-anniversary album West End.

To celebrate the release, the Helsinki Vampires evoked another legendary evil spirit of the metal scene. Starring in the band’s new music video for Two Horns Up is the one and only master of all things nefarious, Dani Filth from Cradle Of Filth.

“We’ve been friends with Dani Filth for 25 years and The 69 Eyes did our best-ever and legendary North American tour with them over ten years ago,” said vocalist Jyrki.

“We were partying with him on my 50th birthday at Hollywood’s Rainbow Bar & Grill last October and came into conclusion that he should sing some guest vocals on our new album. It is mind-blowing to have the world’s most recognizable extreme metal vocalist on the opening track on our album. Two Horns Up speaks about today and to everybody!” concluded the band.

The band’s new studio album West End is out today and consists of 11 up-tempo rock anthems full of heaviness, black memento mori moments and dark humour. The album features several great guest vocalists such as Dani Filth, Wednesday 13 and Beastö Blancö’s Calico Cooper.

The band will hit the road in November on a European tour and will also be playing at German gothic rock institution Lacrimas Profundere as they support the album in 2019.