Four piece punk/thrash/progressive band Destroy the Line have announced their new EP will be released on January 13th via Bird Attack Records.

The new work, titled WAR, is the creation of the experienced rockers who have all played in bands around north-east Florida over the last 20 years.

Destroy the Line (formerly named Regress) started with Mason Romaine (Hatrick, Flag on Fire) on guitar and Richard Devaughn (Stradladder, Danka) on drums.

They were writing very technical, fast paced skate punk for fun, and they required a bass player and a singer. They recruited longtime friends Sean Slater (Shadow Agency, His Name was Iron) on vocals, and Mark McHone (Hatchet face, In Whispers) on bass.

The four quickly gained local attention and in the summer of 2016 they opened for 88 Fingers Louie in their first stage performance.

After word got around Destroy the Line recordedĀ a four song demo with Stan Martell at his studio in Kingsland, GA (Martell Studios). This gained the attention of Garret Wadford through Bird Attack Records.

The band line up is as follows:

Sean Slater – Lead Vocals
Mason Romaine – Guitar, backing vocals
Mark McHone – Bass Guitar, backing vocals
Richard Devaughn – Drums, backing vocals