Old school metal veterans Memoriam are due to release their third album Requiem For Mankind on June 21st via Nuclear Blast Records.

To commemorate the news, the band have unveiled their lyric video for track Shell Shock.

The new album bring a different sound to the party, which was developed and recorded thanks to a new approach perused by Memorium.

“A new song, a new approach, and as with all our albums a new sound for us to use,” said the band.

They also went into detail about Shell Shock, which the group calls a ‘death metal headbanger of a track’, that deals with the terrible forces of war that a soldier has to deal with – even before they stare down the barrel of a gun.

“Subject wise, it deals with the effects of being on the frontline amongst all the noise and chaos of a horrific war situation from an individual standpoint, and also that the soldier does not die from an enemy bullet,” they explained.

“Sound wise it needed to sound a bit epic, we think we have achieved this on ‘Shellshock’ and have used this as the blueprint sound throughout the album.”

The colossal songwriting and the first-class recordings have been immortalised through the sublime production work of Russ Russell, who has worked with Napalm Death, at Parlour Studios.

Memoriam were also pleased to announce their debut London show last week – which will also be the release show for their upcoming studio album. The gig will be taking place at The Underworld, Camden on June 22nd this summer. Supports to be announced in due course.