Heart Of A Coward have released brand new single Drown In Ruin and have also launched the pre-order for upcoming fourth full length album The Disconnect.

The new record will be available on June 7th 2019 and is being put out via Arising Empire Records! and is the follow up to 7/10 Rushonrock rated Deliverance.

The album started with some very rough and ready instrumental ideas that were then pieces together to form coharent pieces of music – which wasn’t something that flowed straight away.

Steve Haycock, who plays guitar in the band, explained: “The Disconnect was not an easy process to begin with after such an extended hiatus, but once the wheels started rolling it was business as usual. “

Heart Of A Coward added Kaan Tasan to their line up at the back end of 2017, and he was involved in a lot of the song crafting work – which ‘gave us a new element to focus on when writing’, said Haycock.

This is something that Tasan agreed with, and added that he got a lot out of the process on a personal level.

“It was one of the most challenging and rewarding writing processes I’ve ever been involved with. Some tracks just clicked and fell into place, whilst other tracks really pushed us all creatively. It was important for us to get the best out of each other – we really did all go in on this together.”

The Disconnect is an album about some of the more darker aspects of this and expresses feelings of anger, a lack of control, rage at those who control life – as drummer Chris Mansbridge explains.

“The Disconnect refers to the feeling of a complete lack of control over your surroundings and the powers that control your life. It’s the feeling of hopelessness, anger and an inability to relate to the world you live in. Its a record we are all extremely proud of and this marks the next chapter of Heart of a Coward.”

The band will be touring Europe in April as special guests to Any Given Day, alongside Tenside. Tickets are on sale now, available here.
10/04    Hamburg – Logo
11/04    Berlin – Musik & Frieden
12/04    Frankfurt – Das Bett
13/04    Oberhausen – Impericon Festival*
14/04    Munich – Backstage Halle