Frank Turner has announced the details for his seventh studio album Be More Kind.

It will be released on May 4th via Xtra Mile Recordings/Polydor Records. Months after the release of Songbook, a career-spanning retrospective which also saw reworked versions of tracks from across the past decade, Be More Kind represents a thematic and sonic line in the sand for the 36-year-old.

It’s a record that combines universal anthems with raw emotion and the political and the personal, with the intricate folk and punk roar trademarks of Turner’s sound imbued with new, bold experimental shades.

Turner has also released the first track from the album, 1933, a clattering, state-of-the-nation anthem which you can listen to below.

The song was inspired by a reaction to the alt-right and the perception that they were carrying the punk flame.

“That filled me with a mixture of incredulity and anger,” he explained. “The idea that Breitbart or Steve Bannon think they have anything to do with punk rock makes me extremely angry.”

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Talking about Be More Kind, the artist said: “I wanted to try and get out of my comfort zone and do something different.”

In celebration of the album, Frank Turner will be heading out on The Be More Kind Tour.