Press to MECO – Here’s to the Fatigue (Marshall Records)

Genre: Rock

A delayed release date for unconfirmed reasons allowed the hype machine to nurture the excitement surrounding Here’s to the Fatigue, Press to MECO’s second full-length.

While the anticipation swirled around like morning fog on a country road, fans were left wondering if it would all be worth it in the end.

Well, the PTM boys have surely outdone themselves this time. They’ve always had a penchant for heavy, but it’s lingered at the edge of their songs rather than been the focus. No more.

Funeral Shakes come to life for their self-titled debut album

Here’s to the Fatigue, the song not the album, rips straight into business with a riff that surely must have been turned up to 10 by producer Machine.

Press to MECO are so good to listen to partly because they’re so hard to pin down. They’re a million things all at once and they’re none of those things at the same time. They’re a nightmare to characterise and that’s what makes them so enjoyable to listen to.

And that carries through on their second release. If All Your Parts Don’t Make A Whole is a typical PTM ditty. It’s got loads of disjointed harmonies, while high pitched vocals and a semi-manic sound are the order of the day here.

Howl starts off with a threatening, guttural bass line that gives way to Press to MECO’s trademark sound – but it gives way to the even more aggressive A Quick Fix, which finishes with an absolute cracker of guitar solo that’s guaranteed to spark life into the most listless rock fan.

The three self-confessed music nerds have always had it in their locker to transform their edgy, quirky, unconventional sound into an absolute howling beast and it’s good to see them do it so organically.

Press to MECO are a band that keep growing on you, like that best friend you wanted to punch when you first met them. Never stop boys.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 10/10 Please never get tired.