Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown – Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown (Snakefarm Records)

Genre – Blues rock / hard rock

Nashville hard rocker Tyler Bryant may only be 26 years old, but the boy has accomplished a lot in a short time. Over the last seven years he’s shared a stage Jeff Beck, Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Joe Bonamassa, B.B. King, and AC/DC, as well as opening for Guns N’ Roses on their Not In This Lifetime tour.

Mixing it with the best has won Tyler a lot of plaudits, but it’s also restricted his time to write and record his own material, leading to almost five years between the debut and sophomore Shakedown albums. But, fear not – Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown are back; and better than ever!

Opening with Heartland, they waste no time getting started with beautiful, greasy licks coming flying out of Graham Whitford’s axe. From the off, Bryant’s vocals are as raspy and bluesy as ever. They’re filled with power and his strenuous touring schedule has led to a greater maturity and authority from behind the mic.

2013’s Wild Child saw Byant display his vocal dexterity, with plenty of high notes and hard rockin’ wails, but his maturity has seen his vocal style change slightly. Into The Back Shows his maturity and his ability to rock a slow song comfortably and talk into the ear of the listener.

Along with the vocal tweeks, Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown have introduced electronic sounds in tracks like Jealous Me. Much like Into The Back Shows, they mix up the sound, slowing things down where appropriate with slow guitar solos and vocal harmonies.

Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown’s Southern roots really come to light in the country rock inspired Ramblin’ Bones. This acoustic number is arguably the best song on the album, containing all the ingredients of a bluesy country number – God, the preacher man, soul savin’ and a chorus so great it could silence an arena or lift a quaint blues bar.

This album was LONG overdue, and it hasn’t disappointed. Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown offer variety and class throughout this 11 track record, and their time on the road has ensured they haven’t rushed into anything.

RUSHONROCK RATED 8.5/10 – An album for real rockers, made by real rockers.


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