Fozzy – Judas (Century Media)

Genre: Hard Rock

Like the world’s strongest man cuddling a kitten, Fozzy know they can go a lot harder but they’re equally aware of their bone crushing strength.

Their sixth album, Judas, is a homage to all of the band’s strengths and is a record that ebbs and flows between strongman and kitten.

Middle tracks Weight of My World and Wordsworth Way are way more groove laden and catchy in a rock-pop sort of manner that threaten to explode like a disco ball at a Slipknot concert.

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Prior to that are the heavier Judas and Drinking With Jesus that gets that album off to a false start in many ways, but when seen as part of a whole both those tracks make sense.

Burn Me Out and Three Days In Jail get the album back on track with their hard rock rhythms, but throughout Judas there is a nagging sense that Fozzy chose to hold back and that is frustrating.

Three Days In Jail is the best song on the album and from start to finish is the most aggressive. Chris Jericho’s voice is superb throughout Judas, but on this track it takes on an even better quality. The introduction of rocking rap is a revelation and adds the perfect hint of spice to the music.

The final third of the album is a real banger, especially the final song Running With The Bulls. This is the real strongman and the kitten situation and leaves you wondering why Fozzy didn’t let themselves rock just that little be more; squeeze that little bit harder.

But no matter, this is a nuanced, addictive piece of work that crosses boundaries and pulls them together.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Fozzy reign supreme.