Movements – Feel Something (Fearless Records)

Genre: Alt. Rock

California based Movements are currently on tour with Knuckle Puck, and while their regurgitated brand of teenage punk-pop didn’t hit the spot, can their gig buddies do any different with Feel Something?

For a start, both outfits are instantly different but compellingly similar. Where fans of Knuckle Puck might go crazy for the heartbroken meloncholy of teenage angst, they can certainly find a connection with Movements.

But is it all too much? Is it just a sad record for sadness sake or does it still sound good and will it inspire?

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It’s all well and good wanting your music to have a deeper meaning, but sometimes making it sound good can get lost in that noble cause. Empathy isn’t in short supply with this band, but what about musical ability?

Admittedly, Feel Something is a bit of a grower. On first listen it just seems like a chronical of woe. An untidy Series of Unfortunate Events with less snide jokes and half winks towards comedy.

But with each passing listen and with each passing minute devoted to the record it grows on you, like that friend you have now but when you first met you hated each other.

Album opener Full Circle is a softly spoken summer tune that talks to the light and dark within our lives and packages it up with a gentle, something-for-everyone hook.

Ultimately it’s hard not to feel something when you understand that Daylily and Deadly Dull are about a battle with mental disorders and the terrible effect of Alzheimer’s, while Suffer Through is a similarly poignant tune wrapped up in rising, building tune that hints at happiness and self-doubt.

Whether the aim of Movements was to create something cathartic or tear jerking is something only they well know, but ignore your first instincts and play this album on repeat until you get it. It’s well worth it.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Moved me.