The Rolling Stones – From The Vault Sticky Fingers: Live At The Fonda Theatre 2015 (Eagle Rock Entertainment)

Genre – Blues Rock

From The Vault Sticky Fingers: Live At The Fonda Theatre 2015” by The Rolling Stones is the fifth release “From The Vault”, a series of live concerts from The Rolling Stones archive which are getting their first official releases.

The album, which features a Blu-Ray DVD of the performance, is set for release on the 29th September, and is everything you’d expect from a live Stones’ release.

Opening with Start Me Up, The Stones bring their disciplined, polished approach to the table, with a perfect blend of clean crisp sonic appeal, coupled with the swirling atmosphere of the Fonda Crowd.

No one does live albums like The Rolling Stones. But, then again, no band is quite like The Rolling Stones. From the off, Jagger’s vocals are refined, powerful and as bluesy as ever. Keith Richards lead guitar spins an enchanting web of sound, while the acoustics of the 91 year old Los Angeles venue take these classic sounds to a whole new level.

For Stones fans who have snapped up their live releases for the last ten years (Shine A Light, Totally Stripped, Ladies and Gentlemen, Some Girls, Havana Moon), Sticky Fingers: Live At The Fonda Theatre 2015 will sound very familiar – but, that’s a familiar mark of quality, not a criticism.

Although each of these bulletproof live albums have crossover tracks, most notably Start Me Up, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Wild Horses and Brown Sugar, they are have such beautiful set variations that fans can get a feel for the incredible nature of a Rolling Stones’ show.

Sticky Fingers: Live At The Fonda Theatre 2015 sees the band play a number of tracks that you won’t hear them play too often, and to hear them elevated on the live stage in a truly wonderful thing. You Can’t Hear Me Knocking, Sister Morphine and When The Whip Comes Down see The Stones bring added percussion, stronger backing vocals and a faster, more frenetic pace to the stage.

Sonic additions aside, Jagger has an ability like none other to adapt the lyrics of a song to match the changes in tempo brought by his troops. This is done time and time again throughout this release, with such delicate, subtle tweaks that ensure for an effortless flow of phenomenal blues rock energy.

Sticky Fingers: Live At The Fonda Theatre 2015 it’s another album that you absolutely must get your paws on!

RUSHONROCK RATED – 10/10 Start me up; I’ll never stop!


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