Blank Parody – A Tension (Self-Released)

Genre: Rock

For a band’s first EP, A Tension is remarkably well put together, thought out and varied – but that shouldn’t really come as a surprise for a group who have already worked with some leading lights in the business.

Jim Pinder, whose previous credits include working with Bullet For My Valentine and Fightstar, produced the EP and the six tracks of blistering rock noise.

After the release of their first single Dark Pretenders, Blank Parody went through an intense writing session that resulted in the completion of 10 songs, four of which made it to A Tension.


But it’s their first song that sets the tone for the rest of the EP as Dark Pretenders is a kinda ballsy, sorta grungy shouty-singalong tune and it announces the band to the world in perfect style.

While with Snakes the four-piece show they aren’t afraid to go off marching in a different direction and prove they have the ability to pull it off. There is still the underlying catchy hook, but an attention grabbing bass line at the start of the song melts into a far more guttural, pacey almost metal-like section before giving way to their signature sound.

Thickened Pulse is another hell raiser of a song that fits the Blank Parody template of big guitar noise, a catchy chorus and a rhythm that’ll keep your feet tapping for days.

Wrapping it all up is Underachiever, a slightly slower tune with an absolute shed load of meaning and a rolling, crescendo guitar sound that spends the whole song threatening to break it’s chains.

If A Tension leaves out six songs along the same lines as the four that made it into the EP, fans are in for a treat for the debut album. Stand by.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Parody? This is the real deal


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