NIGHTLIFE – Salt & Acid (self-released)

Genre: Pop-rock

NIGHTLIFE’s first single to Salt & Acid has been self-described as a ‘rollercoaster for your ears’, but the album is infinitely more enjoyable than experiencing wind whistling through around your lugs for an extended period of time.

Nevertheless the sentiment makes sense when you take into account the changes between songs on their debut record. While the band’s 8/10 RUSHONROCK rated debut EP got the four-piece off to a rip roaring start, there was little deviation. That didn’t matter on the shorter record but it makes a big difference when listening to a more substantive body of work.

NIGHTLIFE tackle the usual themes of love and boozing, but the interesting twists come when they stray from that well beaten path to have a pop at bands who endlessly drone on about teenage love and young broken hearts with Out Of Your Mind. Along with the delightful vocals, the single is also an impossibly infectious tune and it’s obvious why it was the one chosen to be released ahead of Salt & Acid.

The album has taken on a more pop direction than For the Record, which displayed a heavier calibre at times – but perhaps that’s more a sign of a band maturing and finding their path than jettisoning a sound on purpose.

There isn’t anything ground-breaking produced in the album, but new isn’t always better and it takes one listen to understand that with Salt & Acid the band has nailed their sound. Dilute and Lonley at the Wheel slow the pace of the album down a touch and allow Paul Foster to show off his impressive vocal range, while Bullet Wounds picks the pace up and Wake Me When Its Over emphasis that the band can play rough as well with an aggressive guitar line that keeps you on your toes.

Salt & Acid is an encouraging debut album that’s full of enough big hooks and sing-along choruses to keep you busy long into the night.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Sweet not salty