IDLES – Brutalism (Balley Records)

Genre: Post-punk

Not quite Slaves, not quite Sleaford Modes, IDLES are their own brand of angry, politically charged modern punk rock and Brutalism is here to blow you away.

There is enough anger at the system and Tory hate packed within the 13 songs that would make a young Jeremy Corbin weep with happiness.

Nobody is safe from this band as lead singer Joseph Talbot take a swipe at everything he sees is wrong with the world. He’s stinging everything he comes across like an angry wasp stuck in a windowless room.

If you want music to lift your spirits and carry you through a rough day then switch off Brutalism immediately. But if you want your tunes to hit home, make you think and fill you up with the punk rock spirit that every generation needs this record is for you.

This album is mad, bad and wonderfully scattergun in its approach. Song titles such as Rachel Khoo, Stendahl Syndrome and Benzocaine give away the frenetic nature of the album straight away, although there is always method in the madness as Talbot seeks to expose some aspect of society that needs improving.

Well Done, one of the singles from the LP, showcases his unique sense of humour as he attacks those pushing people to follow a certain path in life as the likes of Mary Berry and Trevor Nelson are name-checked.

While Mother is the tribute to Talbot’s mum in which he attacks the Conservative government and references the hard working but undereducated classes.

It must be exhausting being able to see so much wrong with the world. It must be exhausting having so much to say and it must be exhausting to be in a state of perpetual outrange all the time, but music fans better hope that IDLES never need to catch their breath.