Wage War – Deadweight (Fearless Records)

Genre: Metalcore

We’ve already had albums by While She Sleeps and Bury Tomorrow this year, but now it’s the turn of Wage War to show how it’s done on the other side of the ocean.

The Floridian five-piece’s follow up from debut Blueprints was named as Alternative Press’s most anticipated music of 2017 and they haven’t disappointed.

Like all bands included in the genre, Wage War take themselves to an emotionally vulnerable place with Deadweight – but the extent of the honesty is breaktaking at times.

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Whether it’s ‘I miss the days when I was indestructible’ on Indestructible to ‘make no mistake I’m everything I hate’ on My Grave Is Mine To Dig, the group have taken cathartic songwriting to another level.

There is no doubt about it, this album is an absolute bruiser. Disdain is an absolutely rolling, thunderous, gritty song that would rank up there with the best of the genre while Stitch is about as heavy as they come and has a slight Of Mice & Men feel to it.

Don’t Let Me Fade Away shows off the more melodic side of the band and it could stand as a mini time capsule of what the time is all about and vocalist Briton Bond comes through with an aggressive ‘blerugh’ what would have Chris Motionless sprinting to the rehearsal rooms.

Wage War haven’t reinvented the wheel with this album, but they’ve definitely improved it and set the bar high for anyone else releasing a metalcore record this year.

This band are sure to keep coming at you for yours to come with an aggression and an honestly that’s not often matched. Keep your eyes open.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 9/10 Wage war on your ears


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