Brother Firetribe – Sunbound (Spinefarm Records)

Genre – AOR

Finnish five piece Brother Firetribe have arrived with their forth studio album as they continue to fly the flag for the ultra-melodic West Coast AOR, that once ruled the US airwaves.

Born in the 80s, AOR produced some of the most legendary names in rock as fans flocked to arenas to hear their feel good, over the top, hair obsessed rock.

The days of glam and AOR may be long gone, but Brother Firetribe are not giving in. Nor or they trying to recreate the genres heyday. Instead the Finnish rockers collective aim is to both celebrate and reinvigorate a musical style that is all about big hooks, strong melodies, soaring vocals and searing guitars, not to mention the desire to entertain on a grand an’ glorious scale.

Opening with Sunbound, Brother Firetribe taunt you in with sci-fi rock sounds that starts off more like a melodic metal album, littered with keys and guitar solos. But, do not fear! Help Is On The Way hits you with synths, massive hooks and soaring vocals in a Valen Halen approach – offering pretty much everything that was promised.

Taste Of A Champion is a track that should have been written 35 years ago. It is the archetypal fist pumping, motivational number fitting of any Rocky soundtrack. Frontman Pekka Ansio Heino delivers a vocal performance that is on par with Joey Tempest in Europe’s Final Countdown, and it’s backed by the big cheesy solos rock fans love. What more could you want?!

Give Me Tonight is equally as uplifting with its powerful, passionate and sleezy vocals. Like the rest of the album, it’s heavily polished and awash with synths and big riffs taken straight from the Journey / Poison / Bon Jovi starter kit.

There’s nothing new about this album whatsoever, but that doesn’t take away from its brilliance. It soars, it’s euphoric and it’s fun. Give Me Tonight, Strangled and Big City Dreams could all have been lifted straight from the Rock of Ages soundtrack. Let’s face it – Dee Snider would be proud of this album.

RUSHONROCK RATED – 8.5/10 Daisy days, hot summer nights!