Bash & Pop – Anything Can Happen (Fat Possum Records)

Genre – Alternative Rock

Following the breakup of The Replacements in 1992, bassist Tommy Stinson formed Bash & Pop and released an incredible album that was years ahead of its time; an album that stands up seamlessly against modern alt rock.

Sadly for Bash and Pop fans, 1993’s release proved to be a solitary moment of promise as Stinson joined Guns N’ Roses, and Bash & Pop was shelved… Until now!

After almost 24 years, he’s back with a new line up and a worthy successor to Bash & Pop’s debut release.

From the off, you’re hit with the piercing, punching sear of Steve Selvidge’s guitar in the album’s opener Not This Time, a sound like takes pinches of blues guitar and mixes it beautifully with modern alt rock licks to give a real vibrancy to the opening.

Earlier this month, the four piece released their first track off the album, a teaser if you may, in the form of On The Rocks. Opening with a quick pound of the drums, before the easy listening guitar melodies kick in and Stinson’s vocals take you on a sing along journey that is littered with classic rock solos throughout.

With Stinson’s 20 year stint in Guns N Roses and 30 years and The Replacements, it comes as no surprise that the sound of the blues has heavily influenced this record, but there’s also strong links to classic folk music with the acoustic sound of Can’t Be Bothered offering a stark contrast to the electric sound of its neighbouring tracks. The intimate track is led soulfully by Stinson’s vocals as he reminisces about days gone by, and how people simply can’t be bothered anymore.

This delectable bluesy / alternative combination continues throughout, coming into particular focus on the album’s standout tracks – Bad News, a dirty, classic southern rock track mixed with deliberately underwhelming vocals, and Shortcut, a stripped back solo, acoustic, track from Stinson, drenched in Dylan-esque vibes and dreary vocals.

Set for release this month, Anything Can Happen will hopefully set the trend for 2017’s rock releases. Don’t let this one pass you by!

RUSHONROCK RATED: 9/10 Duff McKagan did rock more than one favour in 2016!