@ Newcastle Legends, November 19 2011

Voodoo Six made a welcome return to Newcastle on a mission to showcase new material from EP Falling Knives and to delight fans with tracks from their now classic album Fluke?.

Come the closing chords of a typically slick set it was mission accomplished. 


Hitting hard and heavy from the start, Like The Others Did opened the show. Luke Purdie’s immense powerhouse vocal enraptured the audience and offered the masses a taste of what was to come.

EP title track Falling Knives followed – a rollercoaster ride of rock and blues coupled with an anthemic chorus that proved the excellence of Fluke? was nothing of the sort.

No Friend Of Mine and Take Aim continued to demonstrate the supremacy of this band. And without pausing for breath, launching headfirst into Take The Blame, Purdie roared ‘create your world my mother said when I was young’ and the audience colluded – seizing the opportunity to participate in the delivery of an obvious crowd favourite.

Live Again saw the mood darken but the momentum was in no way lost. Dripping with anger and filled with confrontation and innuendo, A Little Something For You segued into new track Stop before a superb set rose to a crescendo with the raucous Get Free and closed with Long Way From Home.

Bass player, producer and visionary Tony Newton, brought together five individuals, each with outstanding musical aptitude, to create the entity that is Voodoo Six. The collaboration of Newton, Grav Cavill, Matt Pearce, Purdie and virtuoso guitarist Chris Jones, has earned Voodoo Six critical acclaim and secured a fan base the world over. These guys have paid their dues and are now they’re moving into rock’s big leagues.

Viki Ridley